Almost eight years ago whilst working in an office which had Sky News rolling 24/7 on large TV screens I came to a simple yet important realisation:

  1. The vast majority of news coverage is negative
  2. I rarely have any influence over the news events unfolding
  3. Being aware of current affairs is rarely beneficial

Since those realisations, I stopped watching and listening to the news and I don’t read any newspapers (with the exception of the very odd Sunday paper!). I now focus on what I hope will be lasting knowledge from books and podcasts rather than ephemeral information from TV bulletins, newspapers and news websites which has no bearing on my life.

You wouldn't read a two week old newspaper, but great books can be read decades and centuries later!

The media’s focus on negative messages gives us a very distorted view of the world and one that our minds start believing. Media outlets are more in the business of competing for your attention than giving you a balanced picture of the world. They fundamentally care about page views and advertising money. As a result, you likely perceive murder rates, terrorist attacks, and other negative events to occur far more frequently than they actually do!

Do I worry that I’ll miss important information? No. I’ve found that anything truly significant; weather warnings, referendums, and elections etc. are discussed so incessantly that they will cross my radar. Do I feel out of the loop and uninformed? Again the answer is no. It’s actually quite refreshing to ask informed friends to give me a 60 second summary of any notable trending topics.

I highly recommend trying the information light diet for a week and observe the delights of a world free of negative headlines!

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#5 How Curious! Brain training, conspiracies and news avoidance

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